Floyd Hayes is 'floydulu' - the world's first subscription human being.

floydulu offers brand owners, start-ups, advertising, marketing and PR agencies best-in-class idea generation.

Once subscribed, clients can enjoy floydulu's "eat as much you want" model for ideation.

A monthly subscription to floydulu can include:

  • Streaming ideas directly from the floydulu brain in answer to any brief or request  
  • Unlimited access to his 20 years of experience as an Integrated Creative Director
  • Expert in branding, strategy, copy writing, tag lines, marketing concepts, campaigns and stunts
  • Activate Brainstorm and Workshop mode from your phone (simply text floydulu to schedule)
  • Can be installed onsite or work remotely as desired
  • Easy operation and low power consumption (black coffee fuels floydulu for a full day)
  • Pleasant attitude and English accent fitted as standard