Floyd Hayes.  New York based Creative Director, Ideas Crafter and Consultant.

I'm the former founding member and Creative Director of  Cunning London, Co-Founder/Creative Director of Cunning NYC. Board Member of Fearless Agency and Founder/CD of World's Fastest Agency.

Since 2012, I've ran my own creative consulting business offering unmatched experience and knowledge gained from 15 years of pioneering work in the field of Guerrilla, Experiential Marketing and multi-channel Brand Communication. 

I'm happy in either the digital or offline world but I have a particular love of exploring the emerging spaces in-between.

My aim is to create ideas that have "Playful Utility" at their core, an approach that I believe benefits brand owners and the public.

Some of my past work at Cunning can be seen in this BBC documentary clip, "The Persuaders."  or feel free to peruse case studies.

If you would like to discuss a project please email: Ideas@FloydHayes.com or connect via LinkedIn